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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is Kyeria?
Kyeria is an island resort. It contains an amusement park, a hotel, an underground skating rink, a spa, and other buildings for your amusement. There are a few stores scattered across the island with basic supplies, and feel no need to pay for them; there are no cashiers, and by morning all of the shelves will be refilled.

Holy flapjacks, my character is in Kyeria. How did they get here?
Magic, my friend. Alright, no. Our fellow maintainers of the city happen to have their methods, which may or may not be revealed later on. The short idea of it is that they've received this note and arrived in Kyeria. Note that whether or not the character realizes the note is there doesn't matter, as long as the note managed to get onto their person they would have been rendered unconscious and arrived at Kyeria.

But wait! How did my character get the note?
If the character in question does not check his mailbox, or some other circumstance would prevent him from getting the note, no worries. Our three resort maintainers somehow managed to get the person the note.

Where does my character stay?
Upon being accepted into the community, you will receive a room number to a room in the local hotel. At the moment, there are two floors, one being residential with a total of twenty-four rooms. As the number of residents in Kyeria increases, a new floor will appear overnight as needed.

What does my character have with him at the time of arrival?
Anything that was with him that he could carry. If your character is a Gundam pilot and was flying off to make a beautiful light show, his Gundam does not arrive with him, unfortunately. Their items, if run on batteries, will die, but there are batteries in the stores, and any rechargeable batteries will have the respective chargers conveniently placed in the individual's room at the time of arrival. In addition to this, any items such as cell phones, laptops, and other similar items are functioning, although any reception or internet service is disabled.

My character has weapons! Will he/she/it still have them and will said character be able kill people?
Yes, although you will have to ask for the other character's player for permission before killing their character. All guns are functioning normally. However, there is a penalty for killing individuals. The first person someone kills will cause them to be locked in their room for two days, with absolutely no way out. The second time? The punishment is the same, but you are left completely naked after the two day period, all weapons and such-- and clothing-- gone. ADDITIONALLY, penalties will be placed for fighting on a case by case basis. There are security cameras all over the resort; one of the three managers will know if someone's roughhousing.

My character can teleport out of his/her room (or for that matter, off the island)!
It doesn't matter if they can canonically do such a thing. If they attempt to teleport off the island, they will be teleported to their room; if they have killed someone and are trapped in their room, teleportation will have no effect not only for the time they are in their room, but for the remainder of their stay at Kyeria.

My character has abilities A, B, and C!
Lovely. Their abilities will be dampened; Light Yagami can only kill one person at a time (and will have his death note taken away the second time he uses it anyway), Ed will have to draw his alchemy circles, etc. Hunny from Host Club will still be able to use his ninja moves! Anything supernatural, however, is dampened to a more reasonable level. If you are confused about the limitations your character would have, contact one of the moderators and we will discuss the limitations of their abilities to put everyone on a fair level). Furthermore, these abilities will become increasingly more difficult to use as a character kills others.

My character died! What do I do now?
Not to worry, death is far from permanent. The average time a death will last is twenty-four hours, although Nine has a habit of reducing that to sixteen at times. During this time, your character will be "alive" and will be able to use their communicator, but nothing will be able to touch them-- any attempt to touch them will go through the character; they are intangible during this period-- and conversely, they won't be able to touch anything but their communicator. They will hover roughly six inches above the floor between this time and the time they are revived.

Wait, communicators? Yes. They will be on the character when they wake up. In addition, Romeo and the lovely ladies tend to get a bit upset when people shirk away from their communicators and refuse to update.

What do the communicators look like? ...Alright. Picture an i-phone. Picture the i-phone with a keyboard. Picture said i-phone with a bluetooth headset. That is the communicator. There is a text feature, as well as an audio, a voice to text and a text to voice feature. In addition, the text is automatically translated but the audio is not. However, with all of the features for the communicator, there really is no excuse to refrain from using them.

My character has swam off-shore/can fly away! Although your character is free to fly or swim, after a certain distance they will be cut off. It will feel like they are hitting an invisible wall and they will not be able to move on from that point. This keeps them contained at the resort, although there are still a few more accessible areas that will come within time.

I still have more questions! Ask them here, sweetie. A moderator will answer your question as soon as possible.

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