Kyeria Moderator (cityofleisure) wrote,
Kyeria Moderator


Dear players,
Welcome to the Kyeria resort! Us modly folk ask that you follow these simple rules:

Be nice. We modly folks don't take kindly to douchebaggery. We're going to work with a three-strike system here (y'know, like the fabulous game of baseball). Three strikes, you're out. Srsly.
Stay IC. We're not character-nazis or anything, but everybody appreciates IC-ness. Plus, if you're not IC, and everyone else in your cast is IC, it'll be kind of awkward (by "kind of" we mean "way").
Stay active, please. Look, we understand if you've got stuff to do, have a normal life, have a girlfriend, your grandmother died, etc., but that's what the hiatus post is for, see? We modly folks request you post at least once every two weeks. Not posting will result in CHARACTER DEATH contact from a moderator about it. There are no IC consequences, but if this becomes a regular thing, then we may decide on a punishment. Thou hath been warned.
THE FAQ THE FAQ READ THE FAQ. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. You wouldn't want to incite the wrath of the mods and ask a question already answered there, would you? Believe me, we can be very wrath-ful.
Yaoi, yuri and het are all accepted here. Don't be a homophobe or anything if it's not your cup of tea.
IC =/= OOC. You can't give your character OOC information. That is looked down upon by us modly folks. Also, this means there should be no blurring of the IC/OOC line. If you hate someone OOC, it doesn't mean your character hates theirs. This goes the same for if you love someone.
ICA = ICC. Your character provokes another, they might get their ass kicked. If your character loses and eye, it's gone. If your character loses a limb, it's gone. HOWEVER, as illustrated in the FAQ, if your character dies with their arm/eye/whatever nearby, it can be reattached. Lucky you!
This is a multi-fandom rpg. If you don't like someone's fandom, don't be rude. Read: rule six. On another note, OC applications (besides Amelia, Romeo and Nine, because they play key parts in the plot) will not be accepted.
There is, at the moment, a four character limit. Also, unless you can give us a good reason as to why they would not interact, you may only have one character per fandom. Only two characters may be apped per week (unless you're rejectificated, then you can app for the same character as many times as you want).
Do not bug the mods about accepting applications. We have lives too, you know. Additionally, questions/comments/concerns/plot ideas should be directed to this post.
Try to post in the right communities. kyeria is the main comm; mod announcements/events will be posted here. kyeria_ooc is for OOC announcements, like introductions, player-run events, whatever. kyeria_logs is for logs.
Have fun! This is a no-brainer. If your stay in Kyeria isn't to your liking OOCly, please inform the moderators here.

Hugs and kisses,
The Modly Folk
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